Relæ, Copenhagen

Relæ was for me refuge and family.
At Relæ I met the most talented people I've ever known,
with whom I shared joys and frustrations,
and the desire at each service to have fun and entertain.
Because the customer is not true that he is always right,
and at Relæ we have often struggled to make him think.
We have never compromised or tried to make yourself beautiful with the powerful,
in many circumstances we have been more David than Goliath, and we have grown up.
In a month the lights will go out, forever, the curtain will fall and silence,
and no one will call us back on stage for an encore,
because this is not a concert,
but a reality show and life goes on, it goes on.
But a fucking bow!
I bow to you, to all of you,
from interns who stayed a couple of weeks, to people who stayed for years,
I say thank you, thank you, thank you.
You have given me so much.
Yesterday's lunch was too much to "digest",
I cried, and I cried a lot,
because for the first time
I have already missed it.

I ❤️ you, @restrelae.

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